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The Face of Bulimia is a community health art installation/workshop that artistically captures the stories of individuals who struggle with mental health, eating disorders and, specifically, bulimia. The goal of the project is to not only debunk stigma around a shunned and under-funded eating disorder, but also to create space for a broader dialogue around our individual and collective relationships to food as reflection of our mental health and wellbeing. Making a connection to a picture is far easier then connecting to words on a page. Connecting to another human’s story, visualizing their journey, what it looks like, what it may feel like, opens the door for the deepest level of awareness, empathy, and understanding. 


The Art: 

The Face of Bulimia will capture photos of 4-5 human’s daily lives with this disorder. These photos will offer a visual glimpse into the pain of their stories as well as seek to find the beauty in each individual as they work to conquer this disorder. These photos will be paired with written words from the participants,  depicting  a day in the life with the disorder. 


The Science:

Facts and figures will be hung in conjunction with the photos to illuminate the public health issues surrounding the disease, and also to deepen the audience understanding of the issues at hand. The creative project will be combined with a series of community engagement and research activities, including body mapping, education, and focus group discussions. 

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