Thinking of volunteering with GHD? Here’s what you need to know.

As a GHD Volunteer, you can expect to take on two roles:

  • Supporting GHD’s core team with major ongoing projects - You’ll be assisting with small tasks, raising awareness for our key campaigns, helping to produce and disseminate materials and resources, assisting with fundraising, and all else that contributes to the lasting success of our major projects. These tasks - both operational and creative - will put your skills with communication and design to good use, but we don't expect any of our volunteers to be experts!

  • Cultivating local arts-health projects - GHD is a global movement. And so, is committed to supporting local level projects tackling issues of global health. We’ll aim to provide you with as much support as possible; from initial planning and structuring of a sustainable campaign, to setting clear goals and outcomes, to supporting collaborations with local arts and health organisations, and connecting you with members of our networks and the network of GHD volunteers. 

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