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sharing stories about humans and health

The #LancetWomen theme issue on advancing women in science, medicine, and global health, presents robust evidence to confront gender bias, improve diversity and inclusivity, and drive change in global health. We were inspired by the key findings from this theme issue, including the role of intersectionality, learning from the Global South, and the importance of better diversity for better science. 

Whilst we celebrated this landmark publication, we wanted to do more to ensure that women from all parts of the world could access the Lancet Women findings, reflect on their own contribution to science, medicine, or global health, and ensure their expertise and voices are heard. 


So, over the last month, we have provided a platform for women in science, medicine or global health in any part of the world, to share their story. We have collected the most amazing pieces of advice and insights from the most remote parts of the Amazon of Peru to informal settle meets in Kenya. We would love to hear your story too!


Please contact us at for more information about how you can be involved. 


See more and access the full set of articles at: