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This is our number one priority. We’d like to make information accessible to all women in childbearing age, including those in rural and marginalized areas in Kenya. We want to empower women to be confident enough to demand for good services by equipping them with information whenever they need it, regardless of where they are. Women and girls should be educated on their rights. They should know what health services they are entitled to, who should provide it, and how to access these services. We have two strategies in place in order to reach all these women in different demographics: 

On The Ground Campaign

This will be aimed at reaching those women who do not have access to healthcare. These are the women who inspired the conception of MAMA. We plan to carry out organized group trainings in collaboration with women and youth groups, CBOs, health centers and religious organizations. An integral part of our programming will be the use of short educational videos. We believe in the power of visuals for communication. These videos will be disseminated through the grassroots partners we work with.

Online Campaign

This outreach will be for the other woman who has access to internet and mobile phone technology, making information available and accessible no matter where mothers are!

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