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The Amazon is the world’s largest tropical rainforest and source of unparalleled biodiversity. It is a vast and bountiful fountain of medicinal promises, teeming with animal and plant life, much of which has only recently entered into western attention/knowledge.

The jungle is an untapped source of extreme promise and extreme danger. From the weird and wonderful to the mystic and spiritual – it offers a panacea to those seeking beauty, youth, and medical cures.

Exotic products make their way out of the jungle, readily consumed by a growing western hunger for eternal beauty and youth, and “cure-all” plants that claim to treat ailments that modern medicine can’t treat. But, hopeful consumers may fall prey to pseudoscience and false promise.

Global Health Disrupted goes on an investigative quest to cut through the jungle hype and get to the truth. In the Amazon of Peru, Geordan and Annie venture deep into the jungle to test these out these so-called “panaceas” and decide on a verdict – miracle cure or mumbo jumbo?


We head upriver into the jungle to explore the world of food and health in the Amazon. Although this is a lighthearted look at the weird and wonderful food of the jungle, Global Health Disrupted realises that food and food systems are integral to health and wellbeing. With the influx of processed foods and the transition away from traditional diet in rural communities, the preservation local food production and consumption is critical.


Watch our new friend, Blancita, break it down when Global Health Disrupted travels deep into the Peruvian Amazon to uncover bizarre ailments and traditional treatments for evil spirits, lovesickness, ageing skin, and much more!


Global Health Disrupted takes a journey into some of the poorest areas of Peru, and learns about health and survival in the slums of Iquitos. How do people survive in such conditions? What does it mean to be healthy when living in such poverty? Eye opening


We see if we have what it takes to survive in the jungle, with just a machete and fishing rod. Without access to any modern luxuries, we realise the difficulties people face in such a challenging environment, when they chose to call the jungle home

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