Empathy Through Art: Using Stories to Fuel Change in Health Delivery [Part 3/3] – The Pot

"You should just get medicine, no matter what. It should be like water from the tap*. You should get it because you're a person."

The Pot, written by Mac Rogers, was produced and performed by World Health Organization staff for World Health Day 2018. The actors were health economists, statisticians, medical officers, interns - none of whom had performed since school days! The performance represented WHO professionals of every shape and rank stepping into the world of performing arts, working together for a common cause: to put a human face on the right to health.

The play transports the audience to a mythical town, setting, and disease with the realization among a group of people they don’t have the funds to pay for necessary medicine. The ensuing drama highlights very real issues confronting communities and professional when access to healthcare is not possible, for reasons such as poverty. By exploring the injustice facing those who don't have access to healthcare, The Pot manages to put a human face to the issue of universal health coverage.

The Pot debuted at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. It was written as response to a competition that challenged playwrights to develop a critical commentary on contemporary America. In this case, Mac Roger's piece focused on the issue of access to healthcare in America. However, the messages in this play were universally relevant.

We would love to hear your thoughts The Pot. Do you think it was effective in engaging audiences on universal health coverage? What should come next?

Watch the live video of the performance below! Find out more about World Health Day 2018 at: http://www.who.int/campaigns/world-health-day/2018/en/

* Everyone also should get water... clean water, from a tap.